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Thursday, April 22, 2010



If you are new to cloth diapering and want to purchase one type of diaper with everything, you come to the right place!

This beautiful Minky One Size AIO Pocket Cloth Diaper will take you from newborn thru toddler age.

Pocket diapers are highly rated as one of the diapers for its convenience advantage

All in one - no waterproof diaper cover is required. The Cover (outer shell) is a beautifully Minky fabric, highly LEAKFREE PROTECTION. The inner layer is a super soft micro fleece, it is the only fabric that will touch baby's skin and keep bottom dry.

The Cover has a pocket opening located at the back of the waist, once stuffed with the inserts, it is just like the All in One diaper. The cover itself can also be as a diaper cover over your favorite prefold or fitted diapers.

One Size Fit All ~These diapers are the easiest with 3 snap rise adjustments that all you need, The lowest row is Small, the middle row is Medium and full size is Large. And then leave it there until your baby moves to the next size. Plus, this would be a good choice if you have more than one baby in cloth diapering at the same time and need to adjust the size between them.


1. How many layers of fabric in the Diaper?

There is a total of 9 layers of fabric which is made for high absorption but yet very BREATHEABLE . The outer shell is made from 2 layers of waterproof Minky and 1 layer of high quality suede cloth, plus, with 6 layers of Microfiber in the 2 inserts

2. Why each Diaper comes in 2 Inserts?

The Inserts sometimes called Diaper Liners or Soaker Pads. The reason why we include TWO INSERTS is because the Diaper grows with your baby. You may use one insert in Newborn, once the baby becomes bigger in size and wets more, you will need to move towards using both of the inserts.

3. What is Microfiber and why we make inserts with Microfiber?

Microfiber is an environmental friendly material, a fabric with many tiny strands and with 40 times more surface area for absorption. It is light, less bulky, durable and easy to wash and dry. Our inserts are made from 100% unbleached Microfiber .

4. Is the Washing and Drying of the Diapers difficult or time consuming?

It is neither difficult nor time consuming. Washing and drying will give you your first cloth diapering experience hassle free, just remove the inserts from the outer cover, rinse off the soil before washing. We suggest to use some natural cleaning agent such as baking soda, lemon juice or vinegar to eliminate odor or stains. Washing and drying time is quicker than normal diapers

Lebih tebal, sungguh lembut & insert yang lebih lebar.
Free size (adjustable size) mengikut usia baby/kanak-kanak.

1 set :
RM 55.00 (1 CD + 2 insert)

3 set :
RM 150.00 (3 CD + 6 insert)

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